Holiday.. Uugghhh…

Who doesn’t love holiday, especially on Friday or Monday. I used to love it. However, since I graduated and work in my lab, there seems no different whether it is a holiday or not. And honestly, I chose to keep coming to the lab, only if the building was unlocked.


Because I am working as a research assistant (RA) and a freelancer. My assignments are mostly based on project and deadline, so holiday won’t change anything, except the fact that I can’t use my marvelous computers on my lab desk.

Yeah, both a full-time and freelance/flexible-time worker have its own bitter-sweet sides. A holiday, especially on Friday, might be a blessing for a full-time worker. In another side, it gives no effect for a freelancer who mostly works on deadlines. Particularly for an RA, in my experience, it’s a boring day where I can’t enter my lab and continue my work there. It changes to be a gloomy moment when I’m on fire to work but never knew the holiday until someone post a Facebook status, “Ready for a long weekend”. Just like what I found yesterday in my innocence of ‘on fire’.

I guess I’ll pass my research-related work this weekend and continue the freelance assignment that I have to finish before April 2. What else can I do…

Ow yeah, have a little fun with PhotoScape, which I just knew yesterday from my lecturer. I think it will be a good idea if I post some results in this blog. Let see. Ah, a little fun might help me refreshing my mind. But first, I need to buy a breakfast outside though I feel a bit sleepy in this quite morning. Hungry and sleepy is not a beautiful collaboration. Well, maybe I need a holiday…


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