Thanks for visiting my blog!

After years abandoning this blog, I decided to revitalize it through some improvements, such as theme, cleaning old posts, widgets and some other else. Well, it is a little bit awkward when I came back here, read my former writing style which is not really changing but I still can see it and realized how different my condition was. Thankfully, the difference is shifting towards a better state of me.

The blog subdomain, Hark Pratama, is just part of my full name. I earned my BSc in Biology and MSc in Computational Science, both from Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia. Just for you information, I was at my last year of college when I created this blog, and as a biology graduate, taking higher education in computing-and-math-related one was a risky decision. Combined with the fact that my campus is famous for its low acceptance rate and very hard workload, well, it was a suicide. Now I guess you can guess what you should guess when you guessed why I abandoned this blog for that long until now I graduated. Fiuh…

Shortly after I graduated, I joined my MSc professors’ project until now while searching an opportunity to take another master program specific to computational neuroscience or related field, or to directly continue my study into doctoral level. Yes, I am fallen in love with neuroscience and really interested to learn it from a computational perspective. Thankfully, both of my professors are very supportive for my decision and interest. Realizing I came from a different background with my current environment and activities, I feel blessed and very lucky.

Well, that’s all for now. I might update this page again once I get my next school, which I don’t know when. Enjoy!


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